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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow

If I Made Art, What Would I Make? A Personal Thought

I’m a creative person however a little bit terrible at art. Let me dream a little and pretend I was an artist!


Years in the making of a creative, weird and awkward individual, art has been everywhere and everything. What I mean by that is I see art in everything whether it be on the street on the way to work in the form of graffiti or a puddle reflecting shadows on the road or I see art in people’s words in which that can turn into a myriad of forms such as poetry, songs and a whole damn painting. As someone who doesn’t like to talk about myself, I can say one thing about myself and that is creativity is everything.

Being a musician and writer has been a constant in my life and took a professional outlook during and after university. Now I’m not saying I was lacking things in life but I wanted more. I’d visit museums and art galleries pretending to know what I was looking at or look at some ropes tied together which apparently were symbolic for some reason. I felt lost. I then worked in art and discovered artists’ stories and why their art is important and what it all means. It all started to make sense even if a piece of work didn’t make sense to me. That was the whole point!

Being an avid storyteller about songs I write or how I nearly burnt my kitchen whilst cooking miso aubergine, art made perfect sense when it came to storytelling. The number of times I have attempted to draw a face and find the difficulty especially in the nose or paint in the lines or create something from scratch, well… I’m not going to count all of the times. I like to think I improved after drawing my boyfriend’s face from a photo I took of him. Bless his heart but when I showed him, it was the genuine face of ‘Oh sweetie… you tried’.

What would be my creative process?

I’d like to think it would be something inexplicably whacky such as throwing paint around the room whilst screaming to Bon Jovi’s greatest hits but I think getting into the zone of meditation or sense of calm would be the starting point. I would focus on the inspiration of my upcoming work and feel into the energy I am presented with. What do I want people to see or hear or feel when looking at this piece? How do I feel about this piece? Asking myself the questions that even without a definite answer, makes sense.

Paints, inks, pencils, materials. All kinds. Being organised and structured, I would lay it all out neatly however I am pretty sure it would be a perfect mess afterwards. It’s all about the process. I would listen to music ranging from Bjork’s ‘Homegenic’ album to Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’. I would probably throw a few The Killers songs and end my day with ABBA’s ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’.

What type of art would I make?

I am fascinated with the artists of Studio 73 and the array of talent and art forms. Some of the prints I find myself drawn to are botanical-inspired, London-focused and straight-up eccentric. I sometimes doodle plants and flowers in my workbook in my spare time so I would bring that to life. Create some screen prints, giclee prints perhaps and so some original paintings of flowers with such intricacy that I don’t know but you might cry or something.

My art would range from small photo sizes to A2 prints and of course, big paintings. All of the art terms are coming from my experience of working at Studio 73 so it truly has helped me in my daydream of being an artist. Did I tell you that I would have my own studio in a garden near the Thames somewhere? Perhaps Richmond? I haven’t thought out the details about the location but Hackney is also calling my artsy name.

Would I study art?

Yes, most probably. I would’ve perhaps done a fine art degree with a mix of photography courses and textile modules. I just wanted to learn everything there is to art. Is that too ambitious?

Would I sell my art?

Most definitely. I would want my work to be recognised and sell it with Studio 73 amongst the talented artists that show off their amazing work. I would do some exhibitions around London and travel throughout Europe and America and Asia. Basically…the world.

I would be an emerging artist and do it as much as I can. It’s a lot of work but people love art and should continue appreciating it!


If I was an artist, I would make prints for myself and what would make me happy as well as others. If I was an artist, I would support independent artists and collaborate. If I was an artist, I would want others in and out of the industry to appreciate the hard work and uniqueness behind each piece. Artists are professionals that deserve recognition and to some, it’s a hobby and to some, it’s their job and livelihood. Celebrate art. Support independent artists. Go to art shows. Live through art. Repeat.

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Dominique de Comarmond

Dominique is the Creative Coordinator at Studio 73. She is originally from South Africa and is also a musician and artist known as Diascia. She loves all things art, cats and coffee.

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