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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow


What We do.

Big Statements dot com.

Well, we set up an art gallery in Brixton Market from 2010 until 2020. We hosted many shows and exhibitions featuring artists from all over the world but predominantly from our own doorstep here in south London.

We set up Brixton Art Prize in 2022, a not for profit art competition featuring artists from all over the world (there appears to be a theme pressing here). Why did we invite artists from all over? Because during our time in Brixton Market it came to our attention that we were from all over the world, and! We just got along as fellow traders and fellow residents of south London. You are welcome, whatever your background, beliefs, ethnicity or choice of shoe wear. We are in this together.

Big Statements dot com.

And here we are embracing a new year; 2024… and what are we to do?

Studio 73 has a brand new exhibition space opening soon, so we will get back to doing what we love; showcasing artists and their work. Documenting the creatives and their journeys. It may be that we will remain an institution that focuses on the creative and Not so much on the retail side of art (but who knows), the canvas remains broad.

Whatever the weather we will continue to shine a light on art and the creatives. It is ever so important right now. It is important more than ever. Put down your phones and create! And be present! It is our role to be ambassadors to all those that wish to create and celebrate and feel connected like the good old days!

Big Statements dot com.

Love, Adrian


DECEMBER 18 2023 –

This is ever so slightly weird, because, I didn’t really expect to be back behind the wheel of the 73 bus. but, here it is, and it is fine

A brand new day to day beckons, just in time for 24.

Anyway – Studio 73 III is it? Hmm. Yes. A new iteration. Cos, once a photography studio and framing, then ARt. So New Space III.

What is going to happen? Well we have a new space to play with. Purpose built! And it is here in Brixton.

And then some! #lofipostershow will be happening, too! Out and about; we shout.

And! Harumi Tanaka, Brixton Art Prize Winner from 2022 is planning a new show. Details to follow shortly.

So, yeah! No more hiding. What a recluse – III years of it.

Time to shine a light on it #realart #lookinglively #thesightsandsounds #london

73 NEW SPACE 600x900 - WHAT WE DO
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