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A celebration of local art. An exhibition of countless creativity. We are Studio 73.

New Limited Edition Print

‘Lost’ by Jason Gibilaro

N58A6492 1 2000x1000 - Art in Brixton


“‘Lost’ is based on the Sababurg Primeval Forest that runs from the North Hessian county of Kassel, Germany around the area that a lot of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales were based. I was visiting the area at the time because of the Documenta Arts Festival in Kassel. One of the exhibition areas was within the location of the forest and decided to explore. I remember walking around the forest and then getting lost and it was early evening and was getting dark. There were no other people around and I could feel a fear creeping up as I tried to find my way out. Luckily I found the right path out of the forest before it got totally dark. The whole experience left an impression.”

Winter Workshops
Feeling creative? Well so are we and that's why we're bringing art workshops to Studio 73. From painting to drawing, there's something for everyone. Keep a lookout for more details.

The following works are by artists that have exhibited in the original 73 in Brixton Village

Jack Blackburn

IMG 9337 500x500 - Art in Brixton

'Joan' by Jack Blackburn

View more of his work below

lofipostershow name up sleight 3 - Art in Brixton

Welcome to #lofipostershow A place to find glorious photographic art for your walls.

All artwork on timed release. A1 – 841 x 594mm £70.00 

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