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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow



IMG 3391 300x300 - Art in BrixtonDid you ever keep any of the rejections letters?

From the jobs, the unis, the relationships, the bowling greens, the train companies, the tv shows, the white bearded invisible presents, the art prizes.

You did?!

O P E N  C A L L

A NEW SHOW including You and that moment in time, denting into your prime.

Follow to realise how best to enter. You have every chance.


THURSDAY 4 APRIL 18:00 – 21:00


UNTIL 14 APRIL FRIDAY – SUNDAY 13:00 – 18:00


The Arches




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IMG 3389 300x300 - Art in Brixton


Hello there, thanks for dropping by.

Welcome to springtime at Studio 73 Art arches! Lots of news, always! Always lots of news. Don’t we get tired with everyone and their constant News?

How did we cope, in the ‘old’ days not having platforms to yap on about our daily news? How did we cope?

Anyway, without further a moan. The News;

I am finalising details for Studio 73‘s first show in our new space, pencilled for the end of April.. which is Next month. More details to follow, and If I do my work properly, the ‘channels’ will be laden with all the news, ahead of what will be an exciting show opener.

The space, in a railway arch, will be a purpose built exhibition and creative space. There will be shows, there will be photoshoots, there will be interviews, there will be sound installations, there will be party, there will be, from the top down, left to right and all ears, ART happening.

Studio 73 will also be promoting art shows in and around London. If you have a show on the books and want to share the news with Studio 73, drop us a line today. We can help with all aspects of a show, the documentation, the PR, the shining a light upon you. It is what we have done since 2012.

Adrian Flower is a portrait photographer. Remind him! See below for my latest work, and again, if you need what you do lifting up/get more eyes on you, decent photography IS key, isn’t it? Flower can help you with this. It makes Flower happy.

What else… oh! ART SHOP. After a successful (and somewhat amazing) 3 weekends at the Woodfield, ART SHOP will return back to Woodfield and on the road. ART SHOP will open its doors here on the www, so, all eyes peeled. Deals and offers and Great ARt.

There. March 3rd. Early doors, March. Happy.


N58A9571 1 - Art in Brixton

*WHO WE 73


Spinning the Bernard with Jeroen van Dooren


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    MOMENTUM Art Exhibition

    “MOMENTUM is generally used to mean increasing forward motion. A boulder rolling down a hill gains momentum. So does a great idea, a team on a winning streak, or the economy.” The exhibition MOMENTUM is a view at the constant change and evolution, both in life and within the artistic realm. The title itself reflects the speed at which our world transforms, and how artists are continuously propelled forward by this dynamic force. By exploring the physical processes involved in creating artwork, we aim to highlight the inherent momentum required to bring ideas to life. Additionally, we seek to draw parallels between the transience of life and nature, which also embody the essence of momentum. The exhibition features the works of 11 diverse artists, each employing unique approaches some of which utilising natural or recycled resources to create their art. Through their individual practices, the artists explore and interpret the theme of their personal momentum and interests. The exhibition aims to create a dialogue between the individual artworks and to enhance the viewers’ experience of each artists individual momentum.

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