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Studio 73 is a Brixton based London art gallery offering framing services and the best Printed and Original Artwork.

Artist Takeover 2020 Week 3: Kimbal Quist Bumstead

We spoke to Kimbal to find out a little bit about his work and journey. Here’s what he had to say:

Who or what is your inspiration? I am interested in chance encounters, navigating a dialogue between chaos and control. I’m interested in material processes, letting nature or chemistry ‘do its thing’ and watching how traces of things that happen are left behind – like scuff marks on a door, or the residue of a melted ice cream on the pavement. I am inspired by environments – both real and imagined – and how experiences can be captured through abstraction. 

What drives you? For me, painting is a way of playing, and my way of communicating; perhaps with the world, perhaps with myself. It is therapeutic, frustrating, pleasurable and compulsive. Making a painting is a process that feels really vital, a way of working something out and a way of letting things go.

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The bespoke Brixton and South London Caroline Harper map

These maps are available as a custom giclee print in two sizes: 60 x 60cm or 90 x 90cm. Choose your own colour, either standard black and white or from a Pantone colour code.

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