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For Artists: The Advice You Really Need

Being an independent artist can be difficult but I’m going to tell you why you should carry on

In a world full of anguish and uncertainty, especially the last two years, a lot of people have turned to the wondrous world of creativity. Whether it’s online shows, making art, listening to music or creating, there was something for everyone in this realm.

Creativity is a massive word. Maybe not in the literal sense but the amount of things and subjects that pertain to it is endless. Artists find success in so many ways. For some, it’s for people to buy their art so they can make a living off their passion. For others, it’s a hobby and a sense of release.

Whatever it may be for you, it’s important. The amount of roadblocks one comes across when it comes to making their art can seem disheartening whether someone rejects your work, get negative critiques or your sales aren’t increasing like you would want them to.

I’m here to give some encouragement. It is hard no matter where you are in your artist journey. Many things can arise to halt your work or make you want to stop but the thing about carrying on is, the more you carry one, the more chances someone will appreciate the work.

I do believe in getting that break and it means something different to everyone. Being an independent artist has its incredible positives and its infuriating negatives. I’m confident enough to say… there are way more positives. You’re expressing yourself and people get to go on that journey with you.

You get to create and design and write and create again. The process is endless and I think there is something beautiful about that. The raw integrity behind the art and imagining what that artist was exploring behind it makes it all worth the while.

Of course, the struggles may continue on and off but it motivates us to carry on and be ourselves and have others celebrate what we do. It’s all part of the process. It’s all about being an artist. It’s all about doing what we do as creatives. Carry on artist, carry on…

Dominique de Comarmond

Dominique is the Creative Coordinator at Studio 73. She is originally from South Africa and is also a musician and artist known as Diascia. She loves all things art, cats and coffee.

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