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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow


Reintroducing: #lofipostershow is back for 2021!

After a successful run in 2020, the fast format show is making a comeback this December. Welcome to #lofipostershow!

The need and necessity to show art has never been more popular and admired. The appreciation of art and its creators is definitely an important thing to us but providing shows and platforms for artists to show off their creations is another focus of ours.

Back in 2020, after lots of uncertainty and more to come, Studio 73 created an art show for photographic artists to have their art blown up into big pieces and have their photography placed on external panels around Brixton. Locals and visitors got to view the art in a unique way where the art and outside became one.

Let’s not forget that after a copious amount of time indoors, the world is ready to explore again. Taking photos, creating again and interacting with others has become another important process in our lives as artists. We are bringing #lofipostershow back but it’s going to be bigger than before!

What is #lofipostershow about?

#lofipostershow is a fast format pop-up flash exhibition of photographic art where the photos are blown up into A2 sizes + and hung on external panels around the city. Everyone will be able to view it and be able to interact with the art.

What’s different this year?

We loved the show last year so this time, we are spending two weeks in November putting up the art all around the city in different places and times. We’re having more photographers this year so there will be an abundance of creative energy and talent surrounding the city and this project.

Not only are we putting up the art around the city, but we are also having an exhibition of the art from 02/12/2021 until 05/10/2021 in Brixton. We will have different sizes for people to buy and suit all needs and wants. studio 73 takes care of printing and dispatching too!

What’s the theme?

We will be focusing on abstract pieces with a mix of shapes and colours. We will look at all submissions but we prefer the focus to be on abstract pieces and photography.

Where can people apply or view more information?

Visit us on or chat with us on Instagram @lofipostershow. You can apply on the website or use the hashtag #lofipostershow on Instagram.

IMG 5257 - Reintroducing: #lofipostershow is back for 2021!
IMG 5259 - Reintroducing: #lofipostershow is back for 2021!
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Dominique de Comarmond

Dominique is the Creative Coordinator at Studio 73. She is originally from South Africa and is also a musician and artist known as Diascia. She loves all things art, cats and coffee.

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