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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow

Studio 73’s Christmas Guide: Gifts for Everyone

Yes, the time is coming where wintry leaves lay on the pavement, wreaths are in the making and the dreaded or anticipated planning of gifts are on the rise. We are here to help those who want something unique for a gift. Art.

I, for one, dread the Christmas shopping period. It’s mainly about thinking about who wants what or what they would like and when I should get it and what is my budget. Whilst my thoughts may run amok, you on the other hand are looking in advance or getting an idea of what to get.

We all know someone who loves art. Whether they’re growing their existing varied collection or wanting some pieces for their bare lounge, we can help! We previously made an art guide for those who aren’t sure what their tastes are so we wanted to bring that back but this time, for gifts!

We’re going to make it simple. Let’s break it down into categories and we’ll suggest some art that falls into that category. You’ll be supporting independent artists and gifting someone with unique and wonderful art. Let’s get started…

Category One: Minimal and Understated

I am a big fan of this category mainly of the understated effects each art piece has. We have many understated and minimal prints in our shop but these are just a few. It’s for those who may have a busy space but want to add some art to finish the look.

It’s also for those who love the minimalistic approach whilst not going overboard with colour and details. It can work for anyone and can even suit other artwork in the same area. If you’re wanting to gift someone with art but may not know their taste, this could be a good category to explore.

Category Two: Fun and Abstract

This category exudes colour and playfulness. It would suit someone who doesn’t take things too seriously and has a playful, fun character. Abstract art is very popular at Studio 73 and has proven to be popular in the art print world.

These prints are perfect to brighten a space and add a little bit of ‘zing’. We carry a large range of abstract prints that can suit all tastes. Ones with lots of colour and ones with subtle touches. This would be a good choice for those with colourful spaces or who want to add a bit of a punch on the walls.

Category Three: Bold and Detailed

Let’s cut to the chase. These pieces are gloriously bold with intricate details, colours and compositions. The category is well suited to those who collect art, enjoy bold art and may have great interest in the art world as a whole.

These pieces share detailing, technique and come in big or small sizes (depending on which piece you’re looking at, take a look at the individual product details for measurements). From photography to light installations, from paintings to materials, this category would make a powerful gift.

Category Four: LONDON

We are a London-based art gallery so we had to make a category designated to the best city in the world. These prints are all about London and the different places it owns. The perfect gift for a Londoner or for those who simply admire it.

Our range of London-inspired prints has its own category in the print shop so do take a look. Minimal or bold, we have everything for this category. A great gift for anyone who loves the city and what it has to offer.

Dominique de Comarmond

Dominique is the Creative Coordinator at Studio 73. She is originally from South Africa and is also a musician and artist known as Diascia. She loves all things art, cats and coffee.

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