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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow

Art Pieces For Your Home: A Guide

We appreciate art and the emotions and atmospheres it creates. Having a print or two or more hanging on your walls adds a lovely touch to your room yet sometimes we may not know where to start or what suits us. We’re here to guide you by breaking it up into four categories (and show off some of the pieces our artists have created)

Category I: Minimal and Understated

IMG 0364 1 2000x1500 - Art Pieces For Your Home: A Guide

The ‘Minimal and Understated’ category is for those who want something a little more simple yet still packs a punch in a room. Perhaps your room is already full of colour and you want to tone it down by putting some more minimalistic art in the mix. This category also works for those who want to add some extra artwork in a room with little fuss.

Whether your colour scheme is minimal itself with blacks and whites or something more bright and eclectic, minimal art prints can fit around the room perfectly. Minimal art also works for those who are beginning their art collection or want something to fit in with everything they are doing or have in their space.

We supply various minimal and understated prints that have lovely details and are created by talented artists. For example, Eleanor Suggett’s ‘Double You’s’ could be placed in your living room full of plants and open spaces. Sarah Morgan’s work could be placed next to each other on your walls with hints of blue or ocean-inspired colours and furniture. Perhaps Jasmin Dwyer’s ‘Botanicals’ print would suit the plant lovers (like myself) in a smaller room with minimal furnishings and frills.

Category II: Bold and Colourful

IMG 0021 2000x1500 - Art Pieces For Your Home: A Guide

Bold, colourful, abstract, bright and marvellous. This category can suit all tastes as it ranges from anything abstract to acrylic paintings or multi-layered screen prints to drawings. We imagine a setting with minimal furnishings that need a pop of colour to complete a space. It particularly suits those who may have a room that has a specific colour theme and are looking for art to match it.

For those who are looking to add more colour, you could place three different prints or contrasting artworks next to each other to brighten your space and flourish the room with waves of colour. If the room already has a lot going on, a bold piece with colour that matches the room or complements it could be the way to go.

Add pops of colour with Anna Schmidt’s work where shapes and colour collide. We love Teresa Rego’s abstract series which would brighten any room and bring out a sense of playfulness. For those wanting to bring a little bit of London into their space, view Underway Studio’s bright and uplifting work inspired by London and its scenery.

Category III: Photography

N58A0498 2000x1500 - Art Pieces For Your Home: A Guide

Our amazing photographic artists have an array of environmental and personal work that appeals to those who want to bring nature into their home, unfamiliar and familiar surroundings and a piece of reality too. This category is for art lovers who appreciate life through the lens and want to delve into the photographer’s mind a bit. We like to think of this category as anything minimal to outgoing. It can appeal to everyone.

A photo can brighten a room as well as create a subtle ambience. You may want a big photographic piece in your room with all of the attention on it or a series of photographic art spread throughout a room to create a calm environment. Depending on your taste, this could suit someone who is exploring photography through artistic means or wants to bring the landscape into their space. It’s quite a special thing.

David Whyte’s black and white photography creates a peaceful ambience for those who may want a bit of brightness and darkness in their space. We think Michelle Levie and her nature photography will bring environmental awareness and tranquillity into any space. For a bit of fun and inquisitiveness, Ted Dave has a range of photographic work based in Brixton and other areas where it tells a story of its own.

Category IV: Paintings

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Paintings are one of our favourite categories due to the intricacies and fine details through examination and admiration. The creative process is incredible and each artwork tells its own story. This category attracts everyone but especially those who collect art or want to start collecting. The seriousness behind paintings, no matter how airy or dark the piece is, can grab any attention in the room or space.

We suggest putting paintings on your wall to signify the space and have items of furnishings around it that can complement it. Perhaps you’re wanting a nature-inspired painting that can bring a sense of calmness into your living room or working space. You may want something bold, detailed and large to bring attention to the room and let it play out its fantastic character.

Jack Blackburn and his bold paintings will steal the attention in your room in all positive and talkative ways. You may want to keep it understated yet beautiful with Jackie Clark’s London landscapes based on photographs or perhaps bringing historical, utopian themes into your office with Jason Gibilaro’s Brixton acrylic paintings. There are paintings at Studio 73 that can suit all tastes so we truly recommend exploring our print shop to fall in love with the detailed art we sell.

Dominique de Comarmond

Dominique is the Creative Coordinator at Studio 73. She is originally from South Africa and is also a musician and artist known as Diascia. She loves all things art, cats and coffee.

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