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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow

Message In A Bottle: A Poem About The Unknown

Digging through the archives to bring some art pieces to the forefront again, we came across this unknown artist. A bottle, a bee, a square. Who is it? Inquisitiveness leads to writing. Here we go…

Not forgotten, not at sea

This art piece starts to puzzle me

Pieces of objects coming together

Yellowness showing its simple weather


Hello square, bottle and bee

This print was found in a box of mystery

Art from all ages, people and talented skill

Some were so unique, some looked as if they were drawn by quill


The yellow is bold and the shapes are subtle

It stands up for itself, no need for rebuttle

Who are you, art? Who made you?

Your existence is beauty, knowledge so few


Signed ‘EB’ with such elegance

This piece is here, worthy of existence

A bottle with a message, a queen of a bee

A missing puzzle, who are you, EB?


Dominique de Comarmond

View the artwork below

Dominique de Comarmond

Dominique is the Creative Coordinator at Studio 73. She is originally from South Africa and is also a musician and artist known as Diascia. She loves all things art, cats and coffee.

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