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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow

Evoke Emotion Part II: Two Pieces, Two Stories

Going back to the beginning of our blog, I wrote about three art pieces and what emotions or stories I felt they portrayed. Creativity is rising again and I wanted to put that back into practice. Autumn is well on its way and the flowers of summer are withering so let’s bring them back to life with floral art. Different pieces and new stories.

Flower by John Workman

IMG 3938 1000x1000 - Evoke Emotion Part II: Two Pieces, Two Stories
IMG 3939 1000x1000 - Evoke Emotion Part II: Two Pieces, Two Stories

Illusiveness surrounded her as everything was somehow a mystery. The people in her life. The magical fields she lived by. The places she visited or dreamt of visiting. One thing was not so mysterious and that was her power. She hung onto her beliefs, her vitality and overall brightness. there were good things everywhere… even amongst the unforgiving darkness life there her way.

The mysteries proved to be unforgiving at times which lead to confusion, hopelessness and anxiety. But the darkness gave her hope, made things clear and helped her feel at ease. She still grew into someone powerful, someone uplifting and someone illusive.

Every etch, every dent and every detail was left unturned. Imperfections were perfect and everything in her life turned into something beautiful. Every experience she went through and every emotion she felt was graced on paper, people’s mouths and the environment.

She was magical and withered over time but never lost the magic, always leaving the mystery about her message and never ceased to diminish in the darkness. She got colder and went away for a while but when she came back, questions turned into answers, the fields grew greener grass and the sky dispersed its heavy clouds. Illusiveness.

Green Botanicals by Kaylene Alder

IMG 0299 1000x1000 - Evoke Emotion Part II: Two Pieces, Two Stories
IMG 0457 1000x1000 - Evoke Emotion Part II: Two Pieces, Two Stories

I once had a memory (or a dream) of laying in some leaves in a park. A bench or somewhere clearer didn’t seem as inviting. A somewhat typical moment of contemplation arose and it left me reeling in the clouds. The days were warmer yet getting colder and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I felt invincible yet defeated. I was my own hero yet a villain too. Everything felt light yet too heavy. It was the strangest feeling and I soon figured out, I needed to take a step back. I needed to breathe in and breathe out but really breathe in… breathe out.

Life has its chaotic turns and tumbles but I knew I could control one thing and that was being in the moment. No matter what the moment was or how it felt, I let it be. The grass was freshly cut and the hedges were a bit overgrown but as I lay in the leaves, I knew things were supposed to be like this.

I turned my head to see things that I didn’t quite appreciate the way I should’ve. I saw beautiful new leaves growing on a bush that was sprouting baby flowers here and there. I saw lilacs and daffodils growing around a fence, making the manmade object its home. I saw greenery upon greenery and bountiful, botanical things growing everywhere.

Everyone walked past, carrying on with their day but I felt for them and wished for them to see what I was seeing. The beauty in nature and the beauty in forever growing things. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. See the world a little differently. Repeat.

The Art

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