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Studio 73 is a Brixton based London art gallery offering framing services and the best Printed and Original Artwork.

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Body Casting (Ladies Only) with Let’s Get Plastered

Various Dates

Have a laugh moulding your hand, lips, or a boob. Everyone makes a cast of themselves to take home. Art formed from you! 

Something you’ve never done before and that will give you a lasting piece of art to come away with, and a tonne of laughs. We use skin-safe materials to create an exact mould of any body part you choose. Your hand, lips, boob, anything. We promote body positivity, creating a relaxed and fun vibe. 

You will mix alginate (a natural seaweed product) and water, which will be used to create a an exact mould of your body part, getting amazing detail. The alginate sets in a few minutes. Then you will mix plaster of paris and pour it into the mould, which takes about half an hour to set.You can choose however you would like to finish your cast, plain or painted, hang it on the wall framed or unframed.



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Wood Burning with MadeByMaika

Various Dates

7 – 9 PM at Studio 73 Gallery

Those that have a burning desire to do something a bit different will love Pyrography. Writing with fire needn’t be as scary as it sounds, as artist and illustrator Maika will take you through the steps on the basics of wood burning. The class will teach you how to draw your own designs freehand, or simply using the different shaped iron tips with ease, ready to start your journey into Pyrography! You’ll be encouraged to test your creativity with plenty of wood samples, and you will head home with a choice of two coasters, key ring or wooden spoon/spatula as well as your new skills!

Whether you’re a seasoned pyro looking to get together with a group of like minded people or just wanting to learn how to burn, there’s something for all abilities.

You will head home with a choice three items including a coaster, key ring or wooden spoon/spatula as well as your new skills!


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