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Studio 73 is a Brixton based London art gallery offering framing services and the best Printed and Original Artwork.

Workshop Still life e1550156324839 - Workshops

Still Life Drawing: Marks Dashes And Lines With Kemi Onabule

Wednesday 13th March 6pm at Studio 73 Gallery (2 hr)

Come join this intimate class and improve your drawing skills with artist Kemi Onabule. We will be looking at artists such as Van Gogh and Constable as inspiration for our own drawings, learning how to draw from observation, using mark making in the most creative and engaging way. We will learn how to give drawings texture and dynamism using a variety of drawing materials and working from a still life installation.
This class is suitable for all skill levels over 16 years of age
workshop book club e1550160421986 - Workshops

Brixton Village Book Club With Dr. Katie Da Cunha Lewin

Wednesday 20th March 7pm at Studio 73 Gallery (1 1/2 hr)

Brixton Village hosts a new book club for everyone and anyone interested in reading and thinking deeply about books and writing. Each session Dr Katie Da Cunha Lewin will lead you in a guided conversation, providing questions, ideas and sometimes mini-lectures to give you an insight into a chosen selection of texts. We will have lively, engaging and interesting discussions on a range of contemporary fiction. Please read the book in advance of our session and bring the book a long with a note pad to the class.

Week One: James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

In the first week of the Brixton Village Book Club, we explore Baldwin’s beautiful novel
about shame and love in 1950s Paris. We will talk about Baldwin’s beautiful prose, his
depiction of gay relationships and the exploration of self and identity.

This event is suitable for over 16s only.


Resized Sally Gunnett Chemigram planet 1 - Workshops

Introduction to Chemigrams with Sally Gunnett

Thursday 21st March 7pm at Studio 73 Gallery (2h)

Chemigrams are an alternative photographic technique developed in the 1950s using household substances to create images by painting on light sensitive photographic paper. These produce a wonderful variety of patterns, colours and textures when exposed to light and then developed using darkroom chemicals.

After an introduction to the process and a demonstration of how to create your images using a variety of approaches, you will apply a range of household substances, such as oil, salt, toothpaste, to light sensitive paper which you will then expose to light and develop using darkroom chemicals. At the end of the 2 hour session you will leave with a range of prints. Protective clothing such as aprons and gloves will be provided. This workshop will be led by Sally Gunnett, an artist who works with alternative photography and printmaking techniques and has over ten years of teaching experience.

Thsi event is suitable for over 18s only.


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