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A celebration of local art. An exhibition of countless creativity. We are Studio 73.

When Love Was King, No III by Clare Grossman



Contemporary Minimalistic Art Print

Artist : Multi-disciplined award winning originals & print artist.

Dimensions; 575x380mm

Edition : 1/70

Medium : Solar Plate Etching

The ‘solar-plate’ technique is a relatively new printmaking process. It uses a light sensitive photopolymer etching plate.

The tones are etched on via exposure to a light box then the plate is washed only with water to reveal the image, ready to ink up and print by hand using a traditional press.

This process is a reliable way to print an edition knowing that each edition is near perfect.

‘My work predominately focuses on the search for a personal narrative, an essential energy, the ‘essence’ of a chosen subject or place encapsulated in an emotional response’

‘Using a combination of techniques, a final piece may have several layers of printing using experimental techniques together with solar plate and traditional etching methods to produce work that aims to describe movement, the energy found in nature, beautiful light, contrasts of solidity against the crispness or warmth of the air, or the incredibly mysterious substance of shadows.’


Additional information

Dimensions 400 × 300 cm
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