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Studio 73 is a Brixton based art space, established in 2010.

Kris Lamorena

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Kris Lamorena Ramirez is a British Filipino artist living in London.  She works in different media mainly using Indian ink and watercolour. Her works deal with themes on the observation of human character, complexities and idiosyncrasies.

The series titled Imagined Femininity is an on-going series of colourful abstracted portraits exploring the complexity of what is thought of as feminine and beautiful in different cultures.

Kris’ black and white works  portray characters that are often ambiguous and androgynous which leave the viewer to recognize their own or other people’s attributes in the work.

Her life drawings use a distinct style of purposeful, minimal lines and portray figures often at rest, in quiet contemplation and always in isolation.   Here, Lamorena expresses those rare moments of silence and how it has become a luxury in our modern life.


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