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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow

Jason Gibilaro

What inspires more of my art are recent and not so recent memories, focusing on the blur of them

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A recurrent theme and starting point in Jason Gibilaro’s recent work, has been memories both recent and not so recent that have left a visual impact. This usually represents imagery around a passing moment in a particular place and time. Some of the work has included the use of iconic imagery as in the New York series.

How long have you been creating art for?

Over the last twenty years. I have been quite consistent in the last ten years, more focused. The work I have done in the last ten years, I think, is still relevant to what I am doing now. Some of the earlier work is too but a bit more hit or miss.

What type of artwork do you do?

 I do prints and when I do, I try to work digitally so that they are not just reproductions. One painting I sold recently at the art car boot fair, I have made into a print now. I want it to be a more suitable layout. People can buy the frame for the size of the print instead of it being specially made. I try to think about that. I don’t want it to be a reproduction of the painting, I want it to be a print of its own right.

What inspires your art, your main focus?

In the past, I have always stuck with a theme however I am trying to break away from that a bit. What inspires more of my art are recent and not so recent memories, focusing on the blur of them. I try mixing it. 

Recent artwork?

The starting point of these artworks is about Loughborough Estate around the corner here in Brixton. They were built in the late 1950s with the vision of a utopian Britain and a better Britain. The challenge was if that vision came through. What would they think fifty years or more in the future or now? I called it the Utopia series. I’m playing around with that vision, thinking about the overall vision and how it’s become now.

In Conversation with Jason Gibilaro

The Full Interview

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