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Studio 73 showcases both local & global artists. Est. 2010 in Brixton, UK.

Jackie Clark

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My paintings are a documentation of a fleeting moment. I  photograph the landscape as I am moving through it to capture the atmosphere of a space as much as the image itself.

I document journeys I take, whether in the city or the country,  of the landscape.

I work from the original photograph and paint on aluminium.

Question 1. What are you working on next?

At the moment I’m working on paintings of the rural landscape of England. I’m enjoying the freedom of not being confined by the linear aspects of architecture and the freedom of brushstroke the natural landscape affords.

Question 2. What artist/s inspire you most?

Clarice Beckett has always been an inspiration to me, she was an Australian tonalist from Melbourne.

They have a couple of her paintings in the Geelong gallery, my home town. When I first saw them I was mesmerised by their beauty and her ability to make you feel what it was like to be in her landscapes.

Unlike the impressionists who captured light and time, Beckett seemed to be able to capture how it felt.

Question 3. If your art were music, which genre of music would you be?

Neoclassical Dark Wave

Combined with electronic.

Background soundscape music 🎧

Question 4. Why do you paint?

I’ve been painting all my life.

I still remember my kindergarten teacher explaining in detail to my mother why my finger painting worked. It was a really important moment for me. I’ve always been an artist.

Who knows why.


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