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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow



Welcome to an update on all things 73 and flower.

Hello! Thanks for being here.

In many ways, when I closed the gallery in Brixton market, things were very much done. Studio 73 was a success, really, because if it’s location – sitting on a popular corner of Granville Arcade. Location AND the good stuff. ARt!! 

Why did I close the gallery. I was tired! I thought I had done my time with the space, it had been 10 years.

I also wanted to concentrate on my own creative journey.

How is That going?

Pah! I need a gallery space! No, I’m joking. I think I’m joking. There are lots of things I miss about running a space, mostly for engaging with the other humans, other creatives! Market people! The Market people. Us!

•Sinto falta disso, no mercado, somos de todo o mundo. Também éramos empresas independentes e, na maioria das vezes, os proprietários de seus negócios estavam sempre no local.

I do miss creating content that focuses on artists. I really miss doing this. So I am writing this as a pledge to get going with the content creation, once again, featuring uplifting artists.

Thanks for reading all the way through. Maybe rather indulgent focusing on Me, but! This is a one off statement, something that might age like forgotten potatoes.

‘Studio 73’ the brand, still has Wonderful art on its books. It’s time to shine a light on it. It is also time to focus on New art. New beginnings. My content head has been gathering dust, Moon dust at that! Come! There is magic all around!

AND I will populate this page with my own work. Well, 73 is my baby, I’m allowed to start showing off my own work. Isn’t that right Adrian? Adrian?? Hello….

Keep creating_AUTUMN23.

The best wishes, Adrian

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