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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow

The Story Behind Studio 73

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Life before Studio 73 in Brixton Village

Art lovers eager to feast their eyes on creative, thought provoking pieces have a calendar of events to put in their diary thanks to the line-up unveiled by Brixton, London, based gallery Studio 73. The diverse collections set to be exhibited come from across the UK and further afield to showcase an electric mix of styles, cultures, and inspiration.

Established in 2010 by photographer Adrian Flower, Studio 73 has built a stellar reputation for valuing and showcasing both UK and international established printmakers, painters, and photographers. For the last seven years in the heart of busy Brixton, Studio 73 has attracted a wide range of cultural audiences and collectors, from as far afield as Asia. Aiming to promote new and exciting artworks the gallery works with a diversified and creative mix of artists from around the world, with the studio providing them with a unique London platform.

Among the top UK artists and printmakers that Studio 73 has worked with are Jaykoe, Andrew Millar, Priscilla Watkins, Andrew McGregor, Oli Fowler, Donk, Claudine O’Sullivan & And Smile Studio, Liekeland, Ben Buchanan, and Martin Grover.

Flower said, “As part of our diverse programme of future exhibitions for this year we’re hosting a dynamic group show at the beginning of February. The show focuses on black and white gestures, abstraction, and figuration curated by CMprojects. Following that we also have a vibrant Women’s Art Show in March and a series of solo shows throughout the next six months, including Matt Saunders, Andrew Millar, and Julika Defouw, ending the summer with a cool group show for August entitled Shark.”

One of the eagerly awaited prints set to launch at Studio 73 comes from South London based illustrator Caroline Harper, who created hand-drawn maps that represent local culture, history, and architectural character. The latest addition to Harper’s witty, creative and decorative maps will be released on Friday 9th February. Entitled The Great Trees of London, the limited edition print features the most iconic trees across the capital.

Art enthusiasts looking for a unique collection that’s thought provoking should add the weekend Friday 23rd to 25th February 2018 to their calendar. American self-taught, primitive artist Eric Polise will be showing his latest collection at Studio 73 Art, which plays on British stereotypes.

Flower commented, “We are excited to be giving Eric an opportunity to expose his latest collection of original mixed media paintings to the London scene and, in particular, to the community of Brixton.”

Polise’s show, entitled Kings, Queens, and Creatures, has been put together exclusively for the vibrant South London gallery. Over a year in the making, the new series offers stimulating, intriguing, and social observational art that will inspire Londoners.

Based in New York, Polise has established a strong presence on the US art scene and expanded his exposure in Europe during 2017. Collectors of Eric Polise’s work have a great opportunity to meet him in London and see his latest style in person, while those that are new to his works can immerse themselves in the primitive and imaginative pieces. Embracing the theme of the show, the king and queen appear constantly throughout the collection. The show will also include original paintings, prints, and books for sale.

Like a trobled bull in a light bulb factory, it’s December. The time of the year when it is OK to eat chocolate first thing in the morning.. Keep an eye on the single numbers though because before you know it we will be racing towards the late 20s and then it ill be all ‘Goodbye 2017’, boom, just like that, and who requested that exactly?

We’d love to know if Lee Scratch Perry’s world flies by (photography by Oliver Holms), and if it doesn’t, what is his secret? We bet he doesn’t live in London. Someone once said that the closer to the core of the earth, the slower time is. Fancy literally rolling into work this morning to see if this idea bears fruit, in this weather? Perhaps this is what the Northern Line is truly all about..

So, our last Group Show of 2017 is up from today. The theme set is Icon, where we asked artists (in-house and new) to showcase people or objects that have inspired and/or led the way for them. To celebrate the opening of the show we are opening later this Saturday (2nd) until 9pm. Glasses of iconic red will clash with white contemplating the speediness of it all, where we will be all ears, and so will yours if you care to join us.

Adrian & Team 73

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