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Studio 73 is a Brixton based London art gallery offering framing services and the best Printed and Original Artwork.

Marley (Culture andUrbanisation) byJaykoe and Neil Kenlock


Cultural icons such as Bob Marley could be described as rising above divisions in society and demonstrating the potential to challenge and directly change circumstances. This work recognises that a cultural form and an artist that came from an impoverished level of society on the island of Jamaica, went on to resonate with freedom and independence struggles worldwide and is an indication to the power and reach of cultural output. Increasing urbanisation is a threat to the preservation of cultures that are being left behind with city populations growing and the influence of globalising forces.


Edition Size: 150

Provenance :Signed by the Artist

Dimensions : 1000 x 700mm

Medium : Screen Print

Paper : Fine Art Paper

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