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Established in Brixton, 2010. In association with Brixton Art Prize & #lofipostershow

Artist Takeover
Looking back at one of our favourite events

In 2019, we launched a new project called Artist Takeover. Imagine a space where an artist uses the walls, the windows and everything as their canvas. From March to November, we invited numerous artists to show off their work how they wanted in our gallery space. Each artist had a week to show their work in a fast-moving show format. This is Artist Takeover.

N58A7863 600x600 1 - Artist Takeover

Barrie J Davies

   18 – 24th March

Contemporary artist, Barrie J Davies, started Artist Takeover with his colourful, fun work.

N58A8422 - Artist Takeover

Laura Obon

25th – 31st March

Abstract artist, Laura Obon, shows her geometric compositions that week with bold and inviting colours.

N58A9441 - Artist Takeover

John Ball

1st – 7th April

John Ball exhibits his contemporary, dystopian landscape work around the gallery.

N58A0070 - Artist Takeover

Kenny Mutombo

8 – 14th April

Bold, creative photographic pieces by Kenny Mutombo filled Studio 73 this week.

Roman Luminous 2 crop - Artist Takeover

Roman Perona

29th April – 5th May

Spanish photographer, Roman Perona, exhibits his unique portrait photography in our gallery.

N58A9180 - Artist Takeover

Celia Martin

6th – 13th May

Celia Martin brings creative collages to the forefront of the gallery with colours and images.

Oli Betty crop - Artist Takeover

Oli Fowler

13 – 20th May

Printmaker and Illustrator, Oli Fowler, brightens the gallery with colour-popping prints.

Bayne Born Free - Artist Takeover


20th – 26th May

Bayne showed off his intricate illustrations this week.

Lisa Pettibone sq - Artist Takeover

Lisa Pettibone

27th May – 9th June

Lisa Pettibone brings her visual work to the gallery with installations and prints.

N58A1770 - Artist Takeover

Scott Bauer

10th – 17th June

Illusions and details are just some of the things Scott Bauer’s paintings brought to the gallery this week.

fleur profile - Artist Takeover

Fleur Simon

17th – 23rd June

Abstract artist, Fleur Simon, exhibits her paintings inspired by nature and emotions.

N58A2578 - Artist Takeover

Andrew Gibson

24th – 30th June

Capturing the transition where two worlds overlap, Andrew Gibson shows off his paintings with light.

N58A6445 3 - Artist Takeover

Tilly Aviram

8th – 14th July

Tilly Aviram exhibits her vintage and retro collages with old fashioned imagery and prints this week.

Andy Lester - Artist Takeover

Andy Lester

15th – 21st July

Andy Lester shows off his bright and colourful paintings and illustrations at Studio 73 this week.

N58A7167 2 - Artist Takeover

Jose Gomez 

22nd – 28th July

Mixed media artist, Jose Gomez, brightens the walls and windows with his bold, inviting artwork.

N58A7721 Sq - Artist Takeover

Ted Dave 

29th July – 4th August

Photographer, Ted Dave, lightens up the gallery with his artistic shots of Brixton and other fascinating locations.

Gina Concrete Poetry - Artist Takeover

Gina de Cagna

5th – 11th August

Gina de Cagna is a cultural producer who exhibited her multimedia collages and installations in the gallery this week.

Donna Black light - Artist Takeover

Donna Leighton

12th – 18th August

Contemporary artist, Donna Leighton, brings her superb artwork that revolves around the act of remembering through sometimes using mathematical processes for her work.

N58A9984 - Artist Takeover

Priscilla Watkins

19th – 25th August

Priscilla Watkin’s oil painting created some tranquillity and calm with her water-inspired artwork and reflections of light.

N58A0058 2 - Artist Takeover

Michelle Levie

26th Agust – 1st September

Portraiture artist, Michelle Levie, exhibits her photographic art in fashion-oriented ways that brightened up the gallery.

Amy - Artist Takeover

Amy Gardner

2nd – 9th September

Amy Gardner brings her mixed media prints full of bold colour, uplifting images and celebration of womanhood this week.

N58A1749 - Artist Takeover

Jack Blackburn

16th – 22nd September

Abstract artist, Jack Blackburn, brings his cubism inspiration and punk rock background with his acrylic paintings and unique prints to the gallery.

N58A2793 - Artist Takeover

Heath Kane

2nd – 5th October

Heath Kane exhibits his contemporary artwork full of life with a blend of design and art from his commercial art background.

Amanda cocoon - Artist Takeover

Amanda Houchen

7th – 20th October

Bold, colourful artwork are just some of the things Amanda Houchen brought to Studio 73 during this time with abstract art and intricate details.

N58A3706 - Artist Takeover

Katy Binks

21st – 27th October

Katy Binks brings her abstract artwork this week. Popping colours, shapes and lines filled the gallery full of fun and originality.

N58A4210 - Artist Takeover

Ben Rider 

28th October – 3rd November

Illustrator and printmaker, Ben Rider, exhibits his edgy, vibrant artwork this week with a punk rock feel.

Marie 3 - Artist Takeover

Marie Lenclos

11th – 17th November

Marie Lenclos brings her oil paintings that radiate with gradients of colour, architecture and different observational features.

Kimbal 4 - Artist Takeover

Kimbal Quest Bumstead 

14th January – 3rd February

Interdisciplinary artist, Kimbal Quest Bumstead, lightens up the gallery with his colourful paintings and material based artwork.

Matt Dosa Links - Artist Takeover

Matt Dosa

9th March – 15th March

Matt Dosa ends Artist Takeover with his playful and bold canvas pieces that truly brightened the gallery space and ended the event with colour and intrigue.

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